Energy efficieny investment cost

What should be considered in order to shorten the payback period of energy efficiency investment costs?

Energy efficiency in dairy factory

When we want to have an energy audit for energy efficiency in a milk and dairy products business, which part of the process do you think should be started? From which part of the factory can we get the biggest energy gain?

outdoor cold room

I want to install an outdoor cold room for meat up to 10 m2 ... specifically I would like to ask:1) what is better to put in the outdoor cold rooms? Panel or building materials such as concrete and brick? And which of the 2 cases is more economical?2) what is the best insulation?3) what refrigerant is most commonly used for cold rooms?4) insulation for floor and ceiling? How will I calculate what thickness of insulation I need and how will I calculate the thickness of the walls, whether it is a panel or a wall made of building materials?

Can I convert existing machines or do I have to buy new ones?

GOOD EVENING, we are active in the HORECA industry. I'm interested in reducing the energy efficiency of refrigerants. Can I convert existing machines or do I have to buy new ones?